Weekly News 8

It’s that time again! The latest, weird news, good news, positive news, and funny news.

First, we heard about the Kenya Mall attacks. And now, in the aftermath, we have to carry on (at least they do). Well, some youngsters are calling for unity, not reprisals.

“As Kenya searches for answers, Kenyan police and citizens must be careful to avoid the unjust profiling and hatred that will divide rather than heal a grieving people,” they wrote in the CS Monitor. “We know from experience that the best response to violence is through compassion, compromise, and community dialogue.”

Story is here.

For weird news, this is an update to a story I posted back in April. Read that first to catch up. It’s about a man who lost $500 because his dog ate it. Here’s the update:

Klinkel said he didn’t hear a word from the department until Monday, when he received a crisp $500 check in the mail from the Mutilated Currency Division to replace Sundance’s midday snack six months prior.

Nice. Good for him.

Okay, we have the shutdown going on but that’s not stopping people from doing good. Federal employees that are furloughed thanks to this shutdown are giving their time fixing up a church. I know “awwwww!”

How many of you love candy? Anybody like beer? How about candy beer? That’s right. Candy beer. And you can’t say “beer candy”. It’s candy beer. Yup, you can infuse candy flavors into the beer.  Check out how it works:

Randall Jr. boasts a simpler design for home use. It looks like a clear travel mug, but one with a double-decker lid. There’s a wire mesh that screws on top of the clear plastic cup, straining whatever is poured out of it, and a green cap that screws on top of the mesh, sealing the contents for freshness.

Simply place the ingredients you wish to infuse into your beer – be they hot peppers, fruit, herbs or candy – and then fill the chamber with beer, screw on the lid, and place it in the fridge for 20 minutes.

I just…I don’t know. The full story gives even more details.

For good news, and perhaps even funny news, a couple announced their baby in a pretty cool way:

Smith and his wife Chanel, both 24, posted a photograph to Instagram showing them slurping a spaghetti dinner next to a jar of Prego pasta sauce. To the top of the jar they taped a sign saying, ‘We’re’ so that the entire message read: ‘We’re Prego.’
Smith is Torrey Smith, who plays for the Baltimore Ravens. The article is here. The wife is kinda hot but I can’t tell by the picture.
Next, and this is for all you ladies out there, we have a new perfume…that smells like toast. Toast. As in, a slice of bread fresh out of the toaster oven. I don’t think there’s any butter, cream cheese, jam, or other topping on it. Just toast. And wait until you read the story because it’s sending a message, or at least it’s supposed to. There’s a “we’re toasted” joke in there, I just know it! But here’s the gist of what’s going on:
“It was deliberately slightly quirky to bring across the very serious message of the value of bread as part of a healthy balanced diet,” he said. “There are nutrients and vitamins that people actually get from bread. Contrary to what people think, it’s a low-fat food as well.”
Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you the name of the perfume. You ready? Eau de Toast.

For this first go at weird news…well I’ll let the article explain it:

Yafet Askale, 28, denied entering the vehicle that police set up with a dye-trap in Harlesden, northwest London, to catch thieves in June. But he was found guilty of stealing objects inside the car after police produced photos showing his face covered with the liquid, invisible under normal light.

You have to hit the link. There’s a picture of him with the green. It’s creepy!

Next, we have a super hero. Yes, a man lost his job. So, the next logical thing of course is to dress up in tights and a mask and go outside and help the local community! The name is Captain Manchester. Good luck, sir.

A little girl, ten years old, raised $1,000 dollars for a bulletproof vest for a police…dog. Got ahead; take a look. I don’t always do animal stories like this but why not?

A 19 year old has a plan to clean the oceans of the world in five years. Listen…I actually don’t completely understand how it’s going to do it. But, he’s got people behind him so good for him. Did I mention he’s 19? Here I am; just a 22 year old on a keyboard. Sigh.

Whew! We made it to the end. Thanks for reading. I can’t wait to see what crazy stuff happens this next week.



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