Dante’s Opinion: Am I being racist or is she being too sensitive?

Our first question is by Kim:

Am I being racist or is she being too sensitive? Background info: I’m a white/asian girl. She’s african american. We’re both in 7th grade and we are at a public school. So last Friday we were in PE and on the field. For some reason she says “For the record, (her name) is black.” and I said “I think we already knew that” and she was all like “What did you say” and then our PE teacher over hears us and then SHE comments all nonchalantly like “Yeah, (name) i think I knew that” and she (not the PE teacher) kinda glares at me. soon after my friend and i are laying down on the grass and she comes up to me and says “your asian and white, right? I say “yeah” and she says “well i could have been mixed too you don’t just assume that i’m black” and i say “look, i’m sorry if i offended you” and then she just walks away and i can CLEARLY her say “stupid racist b*tch”. Things like name calling dont really affect me so i just ignored it. then when we were going to our lockers and passing through the sliding gate that was kinda closed and we could only go single file. She was at the exit and i kinda look her in the eye and she looks down and then when i go through the gate she says something kinda loud that i couldnt understand and shoves me. I dont fall and i didnt hurt, but i was kinda annoyed. Then when we were going down the stairs to the lockers one of her friends says to her “i think you took that too far” and she says “I think SHE took that too far! ” and she points at me and I say kinda angry “look! I AM sorry if I offended you!” and she says “Yeah well, apology NOT accepted!” and i say “What do you want me to do?! Bow down to you!?” and she stink eyes me again then we go to our lockers. and so today we were playing softball and she just kinda chose her own team like “No! (name) can’t come in here!” and barring one of the dugouts. and one of my friends who was in the dugout told me that she told the people in the dugout (mostly her african american girlfriends) that I was racist. I grew up in a very pro-equality house, and I am pretty sure i am NOT RACIST. Can someone help me?

See, black people always want to make it about race. In this case, all you were saying is that she’s black. Being a racist means you think your race is better or at least you think their race is crap. If what you’re saying is true, then you were not racist. That girl needs to understand racism before talking about it. But, like I said, lots of black people play the race card, even when it’s not playable. She might have a “white man trying to keep me down” mentality that might have come from the parents. I’m gonna leave this alone.

Next is a question by Pretty_Princess:

What is you biggest pet peeve? Mine would have to be spitting! I hate when people spit in public!

Yeah I hate that too. However, people that use poor grammar whether in writing or speaking, really just pisses me off. I understand if English is not your first language though. Other than that, what the heck?

Last question is from Nicholas:

What is the definition of “Home” to you? Hello Everyone, I am doing a poll to understand what you all perceive as the definition of “home” and/or an epitome of what “home” as you determine. Please feel free to give extended definitions and thanks a lot in advanced. 🙂

I always associated home as the place I live in. My center. A place to escape the world, even if this home is in the world.

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