This is a post from my now closed blog, Christian Interpretations:

I like to think that sometimes our lives are like those “choose your own adventure” type books. If you don’t know what that type of book is, let me explain. In these books, you’re reading a story. So, in that sense, it’s like any other book. But, at the end of quite a few pages, the book asks you what you want the character to do. Most of the time, the character is you. Anyway, the book will ask you what you want to do and then it will tell you what page to turn to to continue the story.

An example would be, you are traveling a great distance to save the Princess of the kingdom that you are a part of. It’s a noble quest or whatever. Time is a factor. You reach a cave. You realize on your map that going in the cave would be a lot quicker but is more dangerous. You could also go around the cave but that would take 5 extra hours; hours you may not have. And then the book will weigh pros and cons of each path and then let you decide.

And I think, for the most part, that’s how our lives are. God is the author of our life. He has the best path for us to take in the book. But, in the end, we must decide for ourselves if we will go into the cave or around. God helps us along the way. If we know his voice, we’ll be able to make the right decisions. And understand that God may want some people to go in the cave and He’ll tell others to go around. It matters by His will and sometimes by what He feels we are capable of.

And so we don’t really want to say that God allowed certain (good and bad) things in our life to happen. All God did was write the book in accordance to the laws of nature. We then must turn the page of our destiny. In the end, we thank God and give him the praise he is due.