Woo-hoo! A few years ago, I made a list of the top five people I look up to. Great grand mom Norris made the list. She turned 90 today and looks a great as ever.

Here’s a woman that still is active. A bowler. A tap dancer. A pianist. A singer. Can you tell why I like this lady? You can never get in touch with her because she’s always out doing something. It’s crazy. Lost an arm wrestling match with her a few years ago. Good for her but what does that say about me? It says I didn’t want to break her arm so I let her win. Ha!

If I ever reach her age, that’s how I want to be living. I’m going out partying. Of course, our family had to go big for this party. I wrote her a poem that I want to share with you. It’s not the greatest poem, but it’s still pretty good:

Not many are blessed to see this day

It’s a wonderful day for celebration

Now’s a time to look back; to reflect on a great life

Every year has been a blessing

There are more good times to come

You are an inspiration to many

Hopefully, you could tell this was an acoustic poem spelling “ninety”. Again, I’d say it’s a pretty good poem. I love writing acoustics over other types of poems. Really makes you think.

Here’s a few photos from our small party:

WP_20131016_007 WP_20131016_003 WP_20131016_006

We sat down and we had some good laughs. They say the more you laugh, the longer you can live. I hope we added another ten years. I’ve met people over 100. I think the oldest is 117. Anyway, I would love to be able to say that my 100 year old great grand mother is tap dancing, bowling, singing, and playing the piano.

Still, she did mention she was thinking about slowing it down. Raise your hand if that’s where you want your mindset to be when you’re ninety.