It’s about that time! As you know, I’m a sports blogger on the side of this blog. I’m getting ready for my first full season as a writer for Sir Charles In Charge and settling into a staff writer role once again for The Sixer Sense.

My goals are as follows for each site.

For Sir Charles In Charge, I want to get a weekly series up. I was thinking about taking my Red, White, and Blue Power Rankings over there but I’m not sure. But, I definitely want a weekly series going for the whole season.

For The Sixer Sense, I’m going to do what made me a awesome blogger in the first place: Talk Sixers. I plan to write plenty of analysis posts.

However, the biggest news is that I’m re-launching my National Sixers blog. There, I will talk about all 82 games…by simulating the games on NBA 2K14. Yup, I will simulate the game before the actually game and use it as a preview of sorts. This is big news. Don’t worry; National Sixers and DALANEL won’t cross paths. Still, with this recent development, I might move my new feature “Dante and Basketball” to National Sixers. I did mention that I would possibly do that.

I’m excited to be blogging about the NBA and Sixers and I hope you follow me on this journey!