Dante’s Opinion: What would you rather have, super power or be very rich.?

The first question is from dawan:

What would you rather have, super power or be very rich.?

Man, this is actually tough. You could have super powers and do some cool things like many heroes we know in the comics. However, I think I would rather be rich and do a Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne type thing: Use money to make super powers. This question doesn’t go into being a hero so I won’t say I would be a hero with my powers. Not that I wouldn’t use my resources for good.

This next one is from Oxygen:

I’m 16 and for some reason I’ve only just became really scared of death, going sleep etc.?  Lately I’ve had the thought of death in my mind and it’s really been bothering me, I’m really scared and it’s like I can’t do anything to prevent it. I’m Atheist, I believe there is nothing after death. I want to believe that there is something but there is no proof. And it’s also been affecting my sleeping, I’m too scared to go to sleep because I can’t remember nothing, just like the way I picture death will be. Will these horrible thoughts soon go off my mind as I get older? IS there any proof of afterlife? Why is this happening all of a sudden?

I’ll start off by saying that I was afraid of death by age 9. By 11, I was looking forward to it; as people who follow this blog know. I am not afraid of death because I believe that there is life after death. I can tell you that the Bible gives indication to life after death. That’s about it. Some people have died and seen some of Heaven. I forget the name of the man but he wrote a book called “90 Minutes In Heaven”. I enjoyed it.

As to why you’re feeling scared, I think most, if not all of us, at some point, fear death. Will it hurt? What happens after we pass? I also believe that we won’t know for 100% certain as God is a God of faith and wants us to live a faithful life and so He won’t reveal so much of heaven besides that it exists.

You being an atheist could also play a factor as, like you said, you guys pretty much see death as vast nothing-ness. The idea of that would mess me up too. Just…floating around in darkness… Or maybe we just disappear from reality. It’s deep.

To get some sleep, I’d turn to God. My opinion; but I think it’s time to believe in something.

Last question is from Juan 23 and it’s a really tough one. I always struggle with this:

Who would go to hell? A mass murder who’s killed 10 people but accepts jesus christ as his savior or Bill Gates who has saved millions of lives but is atheist

The murderer. He’s going to heaven. At the end of the day, John 3:16 tells us how we get into heaven. We must accept Jesus into our lives. Our works alone will not get us there. It’s impossible. I could go on, but here’s a post I wrote about such a situation: Only One Way Into Heaven. I don’t always like the idea that people that do good things all their lives can still end up in hell. But, rules are rules and I happen to agree with God’s system.

If you want my opinion on a question, go to Ask Dante and…well…ask me.



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