My Posting Schedule

Let’s just go over this list of posts that you’ll see from me on this blog as well as other blogs I contribute to. These are all featured posts.


  • Red, White, and Blue Power Rankings (Sir Charles In Charge)
  • Weekly Funnies
  • Daily Good Stuff


  • Daily Good Stuff
  • Team analysis (The Sixer Sense)


  • Dante’s Opinion
  • Daily Good Stuff


  • Daily Good Stuff
  • Team analysis (Sir Charles In Charge)


  • Dante’s Opinion
  • Daily Good Stuff


  • Daily Good Stuff
  • Dante and Basketball (National Sixers)


  • Daily Good Stuff
  • Weekly News

So, let’s talk about a couple of changes. For one thing, I’ve given Dante’s Opinion a second day in the week. Also, I did make the shift for Dante and Basketball. It’ll move to National Sixers and I’ll talk about the latest news for Dante’s in the world of basketball on Friday.

Also, I have at least two things to write up per day. Now, I have feeds from Sir Charles In Charge and The Sixer Sense here at DALANEL. I’ll add National Sixers as well. That way, all you have to do is come to DALANEL to get all my updates and latest content. I already mentioned Daily Good Stuff returning to the weekend to go with the Weekly posts. So yeah, this is gonna be interesting.

It’s brilliant! Hey, if you want to join DALANEL, let me know by going to the Join DALANEL page so we can talk about it. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy all of the good stuff I have to offer!



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