Weekly News 11

We’ve heard of some pretty odd sick day excuses. Like dentures flying out of the mouth on the highway. Or a glass eye that just won’t stay. We’ve heard of those, right? Well, a survey was conducted to see some excuses for using s sick day. Check it out.

Good news is a slight mystery, but there’ enough info to get the gist. A man overheard some sad news in a diner and decided to pay for their meal. He wrote a vague note:
‘Do me a favor and bring me their check too. Someone just got diagnosed. Don’t tell them”
I’m leaning towards cancer, but we’ll never really know. But, do we need to?
Here’s some weird news you’ll get a kick out of. A grand father won $200,000 for a bet in a soccer game. Sounds like same old same old until you realize what the bet was. Granddad bet that his 18-month old grandson would play for their country’s soccer team. At age 16, the bet paid off. Talk about investing in the future.
This good news aims to tell us that not all criminals are bad people. Such is the case of a police woman who decided to buy groceries for a single mother who was caught shoplifting. The mom was desperate and saw this move as her last hope. The officer paid for $100 worth. Very nice of her. Then, this same woman was also given a job. Wow. Not to mention that she received another $700 in donations as well.
This is some weird news for ya. A professional team played in knockoff versions of their own jerseys because they forgot theirs. And that’s the second uniform they wore:
Bogota-based Santa Fe began the game in their grey training kits, adding numbers with surgical tape, while an assistant bought counterfeit shirts on the street for 12,000 pesos ($6.37) apiece and scrawled names and numbers on with a red marker pen.
Man, that’s deep.
And that’s the latest news. Thanks for stopping by, champ.

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