Well, today’s only question comes from Ronald.

Am I a deadbeat dad or not? Today was my sons first day a daycare. The mother of my child wanted me to pick up my son and her ( she doesnt have a car) to take them to the daycare which about 2 blocks away from her home. As I get my son into the car seat she says she has to go to his doctor to get his records. I had no gas to go there and was upset that she didnt tell me this ahead of time. I told her that I didnt have time for her games and she says she didnt care what I thought about the situtation. I proceeded to take my son out his car seat and gave him back to her. She screamed and yelled at me as she walked away. I drove off and turned back around to go pick them up but she didnt want to get in the car. So proceded to the daycare. As she came walking up to the place she was saying that Im a deadbeat dad for making her walk with our son. Mind you I have joint leagal and shared phycail custody of my son and pay child support. I see him 4 times a week. She doesnt have a job nor a car so I provide the transpotation.In your opionon am I a deadbeat dad?

P.S. Sorry for the spelling LOL

Spelling wasn’t that bad. Okay, so, I saw the question and was expecting this to be a tough topic. Instead, this doesn’t make sense. She seems to just be crying just to cry and doesn’t quite understand what a deadbeat dad is. It was wrong for you to drive off like that. Considering that the day care is within walking distance, it’s not so bad and she really could have walked.

Anyway, if she’s calling you a deadbeat for this particular situation, I gotta disagree with her here.

And that’s just my opinion!