I’m always looking for ways to improve my blogging and to get new ideas for blog posts.

Lately, I’ve been trying to combine my very observant nature with my notepad. See, I normally carry a little pocket sized notepad to write down ideas as they come. If you don’t do that, you should. And, I am very good at observing my environment, which is a good reason why I’ve been a good usher as well as being a detailed person.

However, I rarely use the outside, real life experiences as a way to blog. Sure, I blog about things in my life. But, I think it’s time to use my five senses for blogging. I’m going to talk about them separately, however, we know that a lot of times, at least two of the senses work together at the same time.


This one is the easiest for me. Take the things you see in your everyday life. Look at how people interact with each other. Instead of taking it in as what you see, ask why it happened. What was the reaction of the initial action? Were there previous interactions that contributed to the current flow of the interaction? These are things we see. So, how do we turn it into a blog post?

For one example, you could talk about awkward moments. Moments you’ve been a part of as well as what you’ve seen. For me, sometimes I can just read faces to tell if there’s something awkward going on. I don’t have to hear anything.


My favorite is music. Think about how awesome our brains are to remember so many songs? We can listen to the radio for hours and sing along with 30 songs with no problem. Or, think of your favorite artist. He/she may have over 50 songs over a series of CD’s. And you know each of them. Amazing, right? So, how can we turn our sense of hearing into a blog post?

An example of this is being in church. During the sermon, when the pastor wants you to turn to a certain passage in the Bible, the congregation unites in turning to that passage. The sound of pages rustling fills the air. Types of posts could be how it could relate to a windy day in the Fall where leaves are whooshing in the wind. You could talk about voices. Think of a conversation with someone. Notice things people say often. For instance, I know a guy who, when he’s pausing while he’s talking, always says “alright?”. Some people will say “I was, like, going to the store with him and he was, like, ‘I wanted to go to the comic book store’. I’m like, why can’t he grow up?”

Isn’t it interesting how we can hear something and associate it with a past experience? It goes for all of the senses but it seems hearing and smelling are more common.


You see this a lot with food blogs for (hopefully) obvious reasons. Taste and Smell are so close to each other that I just went and combined them. Think about all of the odors you take in during the day. One day, count them and see how many. Or, talk about favorite dishes you have had in the recent week. I don’t know. That’s why I’m trying to learn.


Ah, touch. The feel of hot and cold. Wet and dry. A bug crawling on your leg. The pain of stubbing your toe on a chair. Take the experiences that you feel to your advantage to connect to your readers.

So, take each sense and combine them into one sense. We can call it a blogging sense. As you really search the word, looking for the next story, make sure you use your senses to your advantage. That’s what I’m going to do. That’s what I want to do.

That’s the next step in growing as a blogger. There’s an extra world out there. There’s another layer of events. And, we know that even with less than five senses, you can still be productive.