Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers shooti...
Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers shooting a jumper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We got a good group of questions to look at today.

Our first one is from Warren:

Do you think Jesus was muscular? do you think jesus was muscular, he was a carpenter so he did manual labour and it would’ve been harder back then to do things. In artworks, they show him as skinny and frail, which I don’t believe our Saviour was.

Ya know, I never really thought about it. I mean, yeah I would imagine he was built. Although, all of these paintings we have really makes it hard to see him built. But yeah, he probably was.

One comes from I Love Emma Watson and Basketball:

When will the 76ers are going to have a retirement ceremony for Allen Iverson #3?

Ah, they just mentioned this, at least via Twitter. March 1st vs the Washington Wizards. I liked that date because Iverson had his career high in points vs the Wizards.

Last one is from whattup:

If you see a man with a beard, do you assume he wants one, or he is just too lazy to shave?

Hey now! Wait…yeah I have a beard although I don’t let it grow too long. I don’t think it can. Still, if I had to pick; I’d say I’m lazy. In general, I would say most men with beards wanted it.

So, that’s it.