DALANEL Going Offline 11/04/13

Like I said, things are changing. I’m going to be experimenting with things. For those of you that are regulars, you already have noticed a couple of things. From 1-4 am EST, I will take down DALANEL and make my final changes, including a possible site theme.

Pages will be changed to better reflect me. One example of the changes is a lot less talking about me and more about the site itself. This blog is named after me and represents me but, some things don’t have to be said.

I probably won’t need the full three hours to make all of the changes but, I want to make sure I have enough time so I don’t rush anything. If I’m done before 4am, I will republish the site.

I want to thank you for your support as I continue to try to make this a better blog. Of course, this goes appearance-wise. I’m looking intently to adding one or two new features to Daily Good Stuff and of course my blogging style is going to slowly change during the month. I might even have a new weekly featured post. The fact that I won’t be doing a lot of personal posts means you won’t really notice the change in my writing style until December, where things really get interesting with the cantata and thoughts on 2014 and more.

How long will these changes be in effect? I don’t know; but I’m hoping for a long time, unless a better theme comes along or something. But, since the blog’s direction is still the same, major changes shouldn’t be made. Once the site is back on, I’ll a guide for dealing with the changes. For instance, names of a couple of pages will be changed. I’ll let you know what it used to be called so you’ll know where to go for whatever. I hope you’re excited about the future as I am.


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