No Daily Good Stuff This Week; Other Featured Posts Still Active

173356By now, a DGS would be up and ready to go. However, I am in the middle of shutting the blog down and I am transforming DGS. I will be adding two features to it. I’m working on finding a third one but this third one may end up being a new weekly feature. Anyway, the two I definitely am adding on are a little on the informative side. I won’t tell they are yet.

A post will be up later telling you the time in which this blog will be offline. It’ll be in the middle of the night so it’s shouldn’t be much of a problem. After I come back, the site will look different. Again, nothing drastic will change but, you will see it. You’ve already seen some of it.

So, DGS may be out. But, Dante’s Opinion and today’s Weekly Funnies and Weekly News will still appear. Also, I mentioned at the beginning of the month that everyday I would have a list for you. That’s still gonna happen. So yeah, the only thing is no DGS. Stats show that the most viewed posts of all time…in a top ten, DGS shows up five times (rank 2-6), with Weekly Funnies 6 being the most viewed. I know you like this stuff so it’s not going away permanently.

Like I said, bare with me as DALANEL attempts to grow. It’ll all work out when I return.

So cheer up!



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