Ah, nothing like a little self reflection of your imperfections. Sometimes, this can be hard. Sure, we know we’re not perfect. But, it still hurts us a little (or a lot) when someone notices something “wrong” with us.

We can all improve. There are areas we must improve on. I put in “need” instead of “can” because I am setting this as a goal for myself. For my God. For my family. For my community. And, by using this blog, the world.

I need to improve my social skills. Drastically. I love people as I’ve mentioned before. However, I tend to not want to talk to anybody. I just don’t feel like it. In my childhood, I figured it was complete shyness. As I grew older, I realized that I outgrew shyness but still couldn’t really start a conversation. I can keep on going if I’m interested but, if I don’t care, it’s all over my face.

I need to stop being a big jerk. What this blog would lead you to believe is that I’m this nice guy that loves everything. Sorry…but no. I enjoy people falling. You can periodically see a smile on my face and even laughter at a funeral. I mean, I do overcome sadness by laughter but still. I have told people that I don’t like them. I also am willing to walk away from commitments if I sense you’re not pulling your own weight. I give no warning.

I need to stop being stubborn. Sometimes, this can be good. But, in other cases, I am too stubborn to deal with. But it’s not in every area. I’m humble in terms of accepting criticism and stuff like that. No, my stubbornness usually comes from my attitude about a situation or person. Once I decide that I am going or not going to do something or going to or not going to deal with someone, that’s about it. I don’t like changing my mind about a lot of stuff.

That’s it. Nobody’s perfect. And that’s perfect.