Top Animated Dogs

I love me some carton dogs. At least, some of them. And so, I present a list of my top dogs. These are TV and/or Movies. That’s it. If there’s a TV or movie version of a book, I’m ignoring the book. Are you ready? And I promise: No “Who let the dogs out”.

7. Clifford

As you know, I love me some red. So, when I see a big red dog, I gotta sit down and watch him go. That’s kinda the only reason he made the list. Yeah.

6. Dog (from CatDog)

One half of the somehow possible CatDog, Dog is…or seems to be, the stereotypical confirming dog in our society: Friendly, a bit of an airhead, loyal, and energetic. And that’s why we love him next to Cat.

5. Two Stupid Dogs

Does anybody remember this show? I do. They are two dogs but they were a team if you will so I just put them together. This show was so simple and yet so funny. It was about, as the title says, two stupid dogs. The Little Dog and The Big Dog (they were never officially named). Like I said, this show was basic. It had no real storyline; it just shows these two dogs getting into all kinds of trouble because they are stupid. They also love food.

4. Brian Griffin

Ah, Brian. This dog is special. I’d say he’s the most diverse of the dogs. Not special enough to make him the number one spot. Still, Brian is a dog who has many human characteristics, but still has plenty of dog moments. In this case, like many humans, we are always fighting an animal side in us. But yeah, Brian has a lot going on.

3. Slinky Dog

Toy Story makes an appearance with this very loyal dog. A lot of dogs on this list have that character trait as real dogs do. This is also our first movie dog, whereas the previous ones were from TV. Nicknamed “Slink” (I think), this dog makes the mark with his body. As a slinky, he’s been able to help his friends. The most popular/memorable (for me) is in the first movie…SPOILER ALERT ALTHOUGH HOW COULD YOU NOT HAVE SEEN THIS MOVIE YET? Woody is chasing down a moving van which has the other toys in it. Slink, one of just a few people willing to help Woody at this point, literally and figuratively extends himself to save Woody by stretching his slinky body to the limit. On the flip side, his body can get him tangled in situations.

2. Scooby-Doo

Alright, so the top two dogs were hard to determine. I love Scooby-Doo (who doesn’t?), but I had to put him in the second slot. Scooby is part of Mystery Inc. They solve mysteries. Most of them are mysteries concerning hauntings and monsters and stuff. Meanwhile, Scooby is all of a pussy (ironic) and rarely positively contributes on purpose to solving a mystery. Of course, there’s one thing that can get him going: Scooby Snacks. You can buy them in the store today. But yeah, I’m actually scared of what he would do if those snacks fell into the wrong hands.

So…who is number one?

1. Courage

Yes, Courage the Cowardly Dog. In somewhat of a more gruesome version of Scooby-Doo, Courage the Cowardly dog’s title is a story in itself. Here’s a dog, with his elder couple owners, living in the middle of nowhere. So far in the middle of nowhere that, plenty of enemies and aliens and such are showing up. And it’s up to Courage to save his family. As easily scared as he appears to be, he’s always fighting to save his family. Interestingly enough, his owners are never aware of the dangers they are exposed to.

So that’s it. Who’s your top dog? Agree or disagree with my list? Who am I missing (I left out Pluto and Goofy on purpose; don’t care for them)? I love dogs, man. Love em.



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