The site is back online! DALANEL makes a return and I’m gonna let ya know what the heck I did.

You like the new theme? Me too. I’m gonna try it out for a while but I think it’s a keeper. I want to hear your feedback on it though.

Okay, so I’m going to split the updates into two posts. This post will talk about the page updates and various widgets and such. The next one will talk about the new features of Daily Good Stuff as well as the new weekly feature. That will be tomorrow. I don’t want to overload you with so much in one post, ya know?

So, let’s talk about the new theme.

This is better than my previous theme in that this theme is more mobile friendly. So, get your smartphones ready because this baby looks good. When you visit the site on your phone, it’ll look very similar to this desktop. However, in order to see the various side widgets here, go to the top of the site and press the little plus sign. For me, it was top left; and I’m assuming it’s the same for you too.

Okay, so now for the pages. In this current format, you can clearly see the pages. In the last layout, you would have to move over to the main page and then a drop-down list of subpages would appear. So, hopefully this layout encourages more clicks.

Okay, so make sure you check out the pages. Some key differences:

  • Contact Dante contains a form you can fill out to message me but not it also has links to my social media sites.
  • Accept Jesus now has a video talking about the process of salvation as well as other things.

And for the widgets. I’m always playing around with those guys. Anyway, the widgets are updated with more personal info about me. Basically, it’s a quick glance at me. It still has the same widgets as before. Now, at the bottom of the site, there were three widgets; each on a RSS feed of my work at other blogs. This theme doesn’t support that. I considered putting the widgets on the side but I feel like that’s too much going on. I’ll have to figure out what I’m going to about that because I still want this blog to be the one stop all Dante writing place.

You like the picture of me? If you think it’s something silly and not important, you might want to visit the “What Is DALANEL?” page to set you straight, Get used to it; it’s the blog’s new logo.

Okay, so that’s it for layout changes. Let me know how ya like the new look and if you remember the previous version, give me some comparisons.