Ten Awkward Moments

Good lawd! The painful situations we can experience each day. I’ve had them. I’m sure you had a few yourself. These ten are not a top ten; they’re just awkward moments I have had or I find via the internet.

1. Waveawkward2. Outsider That-Awkward-Moment-awkward-moments-24193225-500-4003. Handshake (watch the guy in the middle shake hands)awkward-moment-gif-trophy-shake

4. “See ya…oh…” demotivation_us_THAT-AWKWARD-MOMENT-when-you-say-Goodbye-to-someone-but-he-walks-the-same-direction-you-do_-_1349899043815. Just browsing awkward-moments6. Stupid door! funny-awkward-moment-47. Your zipper… l_bd9536b0-6555-11e1-bbd1-dd490fe000038. Is it a boy or girl?That-Awkward-Moment9. I can make it…oh…excuse me… awkward_moments_410. So, I think I’ve experienced 5 or 6 of these. What about you? What moments can you relate to on this list? What are some others? I just hope the conversation doesn’t get too awkward.


3 thoughts on “Ten Awkward Moments

  1. I think #6 was hilarious! There’s a push/pull door at my local post office. It’s normal to pull going in & push coming out, but oh no! They’ve switched the door direction and I always forget until I get annoyed after pushing when I should be pulling. (oh boy)


    • Yeah, when I used to usher at church, I would always be assigned to a door. Normally, as you would expect, the ushers open the door for you (at least I did). Of course, when the sermon starts, the ushers actually sit down and so you’re on your own handling the door unless you’re handicapped or your hands are full.

      Anyway, I admittedly have a chuckle when I see people struggle with the door. It gets a little disturbing when people who have been in the building for years still don’t get it though (the building was up since 2000). But yeah, most of us have had the door experience at some point. I know I have. Thank God for automatic doors although occasionally I do come across some slow reacting doors so I find myself just inches away from potentially smacking my face before the door opens.


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