Good lawd! The painful situations we can experience each day. I’ve had them. I’m sure you had a few yourself. These ten are not a top ten; they’re just awkward moments I have had or I find via the internet.

1. Waveawkward2. Outsider That-Awkward-Moment-awkward-moments-24193225-500-4003. Handshake (watch the guy in the middle shake hands)awkward-moment-gif-trophy-shake

4. “See ya…oh…” demotivation_us_THAT-AWKWARD-MOMENT-when-you-say-Goodbye-to-someone-but-he-walks-the-same-direction-you-do_-_1349899043815. Just browsing awkward-moments6. Stupid door! funny-awkward-moment-47. Your zipper… l_bd9536b0-6555-11e1-bbd1-dd490fe000038. Is it a boy or girl?That-Awkward-Moment9. I can make it…oh…excuse me… awkward_moments_410. So, I think I’ve experienced 5 or 6 of these. What about you? What moments can you relate to on this list? What are some others? I just hope the conversation doesn’t get too awkward.