Page Updates

One thing I didn’t think about doing during the blog shutdown was re-adding a page that used to be here. Join DALANEL! is back up. This is your chance to join me on the site Just take a look at the page for all of the sexy details. I took it down because I gave up adding a few bloggers here. But, I’ll leave it up; I think as this blog gets bigger, somebody will eventually want some of this.

However, there’s a couple of changes to pages. Blog Network actually has entirely new content; content that was a post here on DALANEL. “A New DALANEL Goal: Be Part of A Blog Network” is the name of the post. I put all of that information in Blog Network.

Meanwhile, I took all of the content that used to be in Blog Network and just added it to the Writing Career page. It seemed to make a little more sense.

Lastly, I promised a video on my Accept Jesus page but I didn’t anticipate YouTube giving me so much grief. I can tell you that it is up so go ahead and check out the video.

I’ll still be making minor tweaks in the background in the upcoming days. Thanks for hanging in there and keep the feedback coming via comment and/or poll.


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