Dante’s Opinion: Awkward moment at my moms place!?

It’s another round of questions that I go and offer my opinion on. Today, we’ll look at mizzop and his question:

So yesterday I was at my moms place. I went there to visit her. And all of a sudden I met her friend, Danielle. I fell in love with her almost on the first eye contact. I’m 17 and she’s 48. I know, it’s a bit weird but it happened. She has a son my age and she’s 2 years older than my mom. My mom went to the market to buy some Coke so me and this woman, Danielle begun talking. I moved closer to her on the sofa and said that she was really beautiful. Then I moved my head closer to her head and we kissed. It didn’t stop there. We had sex and now I love her. She called me this morning and wanted to meet. So I met her at her place and the same thing happened again.

Now we want to marry but I don’t know how to tell my mom nor my dad. What should I do?

Yo, WTF. And wait…let me be cool. Okay, let me offer this to you: I’m not going to go into the age difference. Quite frankly, I don’t want to go there. But, c’mon now, a day? Just a couple of humptastic days and you already want to marry her?

Not to mention, well, ya know, she’s your mom’s friend!

You’re 17, and I remember that age. Lots of things can get you up and ready to go. But, c’mon now, this isn’t logical. This is lust and it needs to end now. Guess what though? I’d love to be in the same room when you tell mom the good news.

Trust me, this is just not going to work out. Man, I mean, was she hot for her age? No offence to women that age but, to get a 17 year old going you must look great and/or the teen will hump anything with a pulse. Alright, we gotta move on. But, again, end the rela-you know what it’s not even a relationship. This is a fling and it needs to end. Prepare for some intensely awkward moments when you too are together with mom. Idk if you should even tell her what y’all did or not. I’m leaning towards no.

Whew. Next question is from Sarah:

I have a guy friend who spent 4 hours talking to me on the phone giving advice on job interview questions. Is it appropriate for me to ask him if i can take him out to dinner or lunch to say thanks for his advice? Or will it send the wrong idea to him? When I helped him with his academic work, he took me out to dinner to say thanks. I feel kinda awkward asking him out for dinner and dunno if he will get the wrong message, that I like him or something. I’m not sure if he has a girlfriend or not. What do you think?

Aww, that’s so sweet. Look, that’s fine. But, you gotta let him know what the deal is here. Not sure how you’d actually tell him, but make sure he’s aware that this is nothing more than a thanks/appreciation dinner. Shouldn’t be a problem; especially since he did it for you.

I’m still trippin over that first question. Still, one more question to take us home:

Was this customer being rude to the employee at McDonald’s? One day there was a customer who wanted to order a 20 piece set of McNuggets but the employee said they didn’t have any available and the customer was so annoyed that he says “Aww Sh*t!” out loud because they didn’t have any yet he had seen them advertised on TV, fortunately when the employee asked if he wanted anything else, he immediately calmed down and ordered a chicken burger meal w/large fries.

First off, you shouldn’t be in McDonald’s because their food is disgusting. It’s not real chicken, bro. Sorry. This just happened to me a week ago. I pulled up to Wendy’s and they didn’t have any chicken nuggets. I was like “darn”. I was ordering for my sister and mom. Sister wanted chicken nuggets. Fail. Mom wanted baked potato. They were out of those too. I was frustrated.

It sounds like the man was just frustrated too. Did he have to use that language? Eh, not my call. But, that was just a small vent. He was set on those “nuggets” and had to settle. When we have to settle, we don’t always like it. We take it; but knowing what we could’ve had…kinda makes it suck.

Okay, so that’s my thoughts of the day. As usual, go to Dante’s Opinion page and submit a question that you want my opinion on. Check ya later!



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