Well howdy, y’all! Look, as you know, I’ve written two books, took them off the market, and combined them into one book. There are 15 chapters in all. I’m looking at my top seven. I will link each chapter that I list to its respective video episode I did. If you’ve read my book (and don’t forget, several chapters are posted on this blog), then this should be a real treat. If not, well, hopefully it’ll interest you into buying it. There’s a post around here letting you know how to get 15% off of my book as well as getting the Kindle version for FREE.

(this is the part where the studio audience “ooo”s and “ahh”s)

I like my book and all of its content. Still, some chapters…messages I presented really connected with me and I really had a good time writing it out.

Oh, the name of the book is Interpretations & Illustrations. And my initial post about it is here.

Well slap my soda and kill my table, it’s time for the list.

7. Why Did You Do That?

Ah, the last chapter of the book. In here, I talked about why we do things. Do we do them just for personal gain? Or are we doing this for the glory of God? I went into talking about why I wrote the book and the struggle with dealing with a popularity boost (I’m not a social guy as I’ve mentioned).

6. Tale of Forgiveness

Ah, in this chapter, I talked about a very serious topic: Forgiveness. We all struggle with it from time to time. If not, you probably will at some point. I shared my story of a very bad time in my life in high school where my family was betrayed by another family member. Someone who we thought we were close to but I guess we were just being used or something. This story really helped with the whole “The Writing Clown” experience and is key moment that helped start DALANEL. I talk about how forgiving someone doesn’t mean we accept/agree/are fine with what the person did to us. This chapter really connects with the chapter right after it…

5. Let It Go

In this chapter, I sort of continue what the previous chapter (and point in this post) was saying. We’re supposed to forgive. How long before we have to let the person or situation go? In the book, I used an abusive boyfriend (I dedicated the chapter to my sisters and god-sister). I talked about how, this victim should be able to leave this abusive situation and not be persuaded into staying around or into thinking that she didn’t forgive him for his actions. She has to look out for herself. Let your bad situation go.

4. Jesus Swag (Keep Praying)

First off, this used ot be two separate chapters in the original book. They almost were gonna be one. In this combined book, I made it into one chapter. However, it was after the video series so there’s two episodes.

In this chapter, I make a challenge to Christians: Harness your Jesus Swag. In one of my lighthearted chapters, I try to make the argument that mountains can be moved today. We, as children of the most high and powerful God…the only God…have great power in us via the Holy Spirit. It’s time we walk in confidence. It’s time to shake things up. It’s time to let our light shine. Get ya Jesus Swag on, buddy!

Also, I talk about the power of prayer. Understand that some things in life need more than one prayer. Imagine you’re chopping a tree. You chop once. Most likely, it didn’t fall, did it? I see that with prayer. Sometimes, we have to keep praying, or chopping at our tree (the situation we’re praying for) until it falls. That’s why prayer chains are so effective. If you got 10 people chopping at this tree, it’s gonna go down faster than one person. I really enjoyed writing this chapter.

3. God Talks; We Just Don’t Listen

In this chapter, I talked about dealing with communication with God. We always say that God never speaks. Truth is, He’s actually speaking more than you think. We have to be in tune with His voice. Since it’s soft, we REALLY gotta dig deep. Read the Bible, pray, fast, and just wait for God’s voice to be better understood. Sometimes we gotta walk away from the TV, friends, work, and more. All in moderation. This is one of the first things I ever wrote. As I’ve mentioned in the book, there were a few chapters that unintentionally were pre-written a couple of years earlier. This was the first. Also, this chapter was featured in both books. Yeah. I thought this topic was that important. Each version was different; not much copy and paste action.

2. Do Your Part

We really need to embrace this, as Christians. We always say that we need to wait on God. He’ll do something. Thing is, we gotta do something too. You can’t expect to pass a test if you didn’t study, can you? You can’t McDonald’s everyday and then wonder why you’re sick. And then you’re asking God why you failed or had a stroke. If you can help it, do your part. Eat right. Open the darn book. This chapter was probably the only one where I was borderline rant mode.

1. Interpretation of Bible Verses

The first chapter in the book, this chapter is just what it says: my interpretation of what I read in the Bible. In fact, the entire book was going to be called “Interpretations of Bible Verses for the Pocket”. It was gonna be a really small book that could easily fit into the pocket or handbag.

Anyway, this chapter focused on two passages: Philippians 4:13, 19 and Romans 12:3-6. In this chapter (without getting too involved since it’s one of the longest chapters) I talk about our calling. Some would tell you “you can do anything that you put your mind to”. I never really took that to heart. To me, we all have certain roles/gifts that God has given us to carry out. We are able to do these things through Christ who gives us strength. Trust me, once you read the passages, you’ll understand what I just said.

So, that’s it. If you’ve read my book, or even seen the video series, which chapter was your favorite? If you haven’t read/seen it, tell which of these in this list really interests you. If the chapter isn’t already on the blog, I’ll load it up just for you. Wink.