DALANEL Hits 800; Has Record Views

So, remember yesterday when I told you DALANEL had record views on Monday? Well, Tuesday was even better. Unlike recent record views, this was more of a milestone for DALANEL. If this type of viewing holds up, DALANEL has just taken a step in the right direction of being a “successful blog”.

And it’s all thanks to you. Thanks for you if you follow me or if you’ve visited in the past couple of days. I’m writing this day down as this could be a big milestone for the blog.

This also proves that people do value a positive experience. The things I present here, I knew it was what I was meant to do. And, in the beginning, things were really slow. I’d go days without a visit. Over time, well, I’ve already mentioned this time and time again, the views picked up.

I remember reading stories about this moment. They would say “views would be poor until, one day, it just suddenly picked up”. I get it now. This was a complete surprise.

It was Monday night. I wanna say it was 9:30. The views were as normal as ever. Five minutes later, I refreshed the page, and the viewing more than tripled. Had to be a glitch until WordPress sent a little notification confirming the sudden explosion. I was impressed and oh so happy. If I had a girlfriend, I would’ve kissed her. Instead, I settled for my stuffed bear.

But, we gotta make sure that this wasn’t a one time thing. And so, Tuesday came and did even better than Monday. The key difference: Tuesday’s views didn’t explode like Monday. Instead, it was steady viewing all day as I kept my eye on the blog all day.

So now what? Well, I want to wait a week. I want to see if this keeps up. I’ve reviewed the posts that were viewed during these past two days. The highest views went to DGS and weekly posts as well other featured posts. Lower views were about my life story. Therefore, less me and more blog seems to be key. It’s interesting because the blog is named after me and so I wanted to be a part of its success. But, I’m not a major player in the blog’s goal in terms of type of content. Also, most of the most liked posts are my personal stuff. I’m torn as to whether I should keep posting that stuff or not.

Anyway, very shortly after I realized that the viewing record was made, I got a notification that I got a new connection on LinkedIn. And so, I hit 800 followers. Back in June, I announced that I hit 500. And now, five months later, we’re at 800. So, in approximately 150 days, I got 300 new followers. That’s two followers per day! Awesome, in my book.

So, again, thanks for the views and the follows. I’ll let you know if the viewing keeps up next week. I’m getting a little excited but don’t wanna get my hopes up.



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