Dante’s Opinion: Why do guys just look at a girl and nod with their buddy?

Sometimes, looking for questions is a pain if only because some people’s writing skills are…just terrible. I try to stay away from them because I want stuff you can understand. I always quote what they say so I never make adjustments especially sense I could end up changing the direction of the question. Just keep that in mind.

Anyway, this first question is pretty neat. Mira asks:

I noticed that these two guys i didnt know were looking and nodding at me but i didnt know what was happening so i kind of looked away

Awww shucks! Girl, most likely you got it going on. They checking you out! Either your face or your body; they are checking you out. I remember I was hanging out with some buddies of mine from Boy Scouts. There were three of us. The two guys would randomly say “Too big” “too small” “Aw, it’s covered” as people walked by. I was actually oblivious to what they were talking about. After trying to look in their direction, I realized they were talking about girl’s butts. Believe it or not, I rarely check women out down there. Mostly because I’m a face guy. But yeah, they were checking you out. If they were nodding, I guess they liked what they saw. Good for you.

Hari says:

There’s this girl (i’m a boy) that always ends up sitting next to me at lunch and then she asks me to move somewhere else. The problem is…I DON’T WANT TO. So what do I say that doesn’t sound too childish etc…

Dude, man this sucks. If I were you, I would not move. If she asked again or “why not” you should say that you simply have every right to sit there. Most likely, she’ll move away if she really doesn’t want to sit with you. If she still insists…and part of me hates saying this, but this is what I would do: Ignore her. You already explained why you would be sticking around and if she thinks she can bully you away, that’s terrible and she’s a real b*tch.

Last question is from Lisa:

I love helping people. Anything that i can do that will improve someones day or help them out, i will go out of my way. Like my friend needed to study so i gave her my notebook that i ad been doing homework in, then giving myself five minutes before class to finish it.  And its not just in school either, i will literally hold a door for someone who is a way away. I know not much but i also try to be polite to people every where. Like my mom on the road will shout every cuss word possible at people who drive to slow or whatever. I am however calm and i dont try to murder them (i mean it in a funny way). What im saying is that i will do anything in my power to help people even when they dont notice or aknoledge me. Is that ok?

Ugh…well for one example you used, the homework one, I feel like that may be too far. You’ve got to look out for you sometimes and make sure you’re ok. Be careful; there are folks that will find this about you and will aim to take advantage of it. Sad but true.

So, “Is that ok?” Yeah, it’s great to have a helpful heart. Like I said, make sure you’re at peace. The holding the door thing is actually kinda awkward and might be a bit too much. I’m sure there are many examples you could’ve picked. So yeah, continue to be nice but, be ready to put your foot down. I know I’ve been screwed for going above and beyond for others and it hurt my personality a bit. I became a little more selfish. Example is the ushering thing. So, great. Keep up the good works.

And so, another round is down. Go to Dante’s Opinion and fill that page out if you want my opinion on something.



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