Ranking My Favorite Movie Trilogies

Time for the big screen! Today, I will be ranking movie trilogies that I have seen. There are quite a few trilogies out there. Great things come in 3’s. My nipples will tell you that.

There are going to be a lot of known to be great ones that I have not seen. Still, the ones I have seen are good so you’ll like this list. My list comes to 11 and I’m doing a top ten. Ouch. There are some movies I have seen; but not the entire trilogy. Examples are Iron Man and The Hangover. Both 3rd films are yet to be seen. I gotta check them out. There shouldn’t be any spoilers.

10. Rugrats

Why yes, this was a movie trilogy. The hit TV show made a few films. One of them was actually a joint effort with another “meh” Nick show, which also has a trilogy. In any event, the babies were up to their same shenanigans as in the TV series; just on a bigger stage.

9. Lion King

Have you heard of this one? We’ve heard of the first one, for sure. The second one was interesting. The third movie was a clever twist. It was called Lion King 1 1/2. And they weren’t kidding. It was the story of Loin King, only from Timon and Pumbaa’s point of view. It was a sort of prequel and remake. I enjoyed it and it’s one of the first and probably only movies that I’ve seen that happen.

8. Men In Black

The first two movies were ok for me. However, after a long absence, here comes the third one. The third movie was the best, in my opinion. It’s a time travel story. And, that’s all I’m gonna say as I promised no spoilers. Here is one spoil about my list: This isn’t the only time traveling we’ll deal with.

7. The Matrix

Aw man. On a lot of other lists, this usually hits in the top five. But hey, it’s cool. Some say the third was the weakest of the three. Honestly, I can’t say any of them were awesome. I think the graphics of it all…when the first movie came out, it changed the way filming was done, at least for action movies. And that’s why it gets a lot of positive reviews. The movies are okay at best for me. It did make me think about life.

6. The Dark Knight

We say Dark Knight but I’m going to say Batman. Sorry. Not really. Anyway, this Batman Trilogy was one of the trilogies I watched out of order. The first movie was actually called Batman Begins. I didn’t watch that. I then saw The Dark Knight, not realizing that it was a sequel. So, ASAP after seeing the second, I watched the first. And then, I watched the third. Loved the ending of it all. I’d say the third one was the best but that might be because the first two are a little fuzzy in the memory banks. As you know, Batman is my favorite D.C. Comics hero although the animated series that dominated the 90’s is why I became a fan.

5. Die Hard

What’s that? There’s more than three of them? I know that. However, and I think big fans will agree with me: The first three are considered a trilogy in its own right. I’ve only seen the first three anyway so I’m only going to summarize those. No, I did see the forth one with Justin Long. I plan on seeing all of them though. So yeah, it’s about this cop that, in some really odd coincidences, ends up the only guy that can take down a terrorist. Even the main character picks up on it in the second movie. He proceeds to single handily try to save hostages. From a small airport, to the city of NY, he’s on top of it.

4. Austin Powers

Yeah baby! This is another time travel adventure in which a James Bond spoofing spy has to stop a crazy doctor, who’s name just so happens to be Dr. Evil, from…I guess taking over the world or something. This is one of those movies where the villain actually makes the movie and you kinda side with him. Not to mention his team of henchmen are a wacky group. Still, this movie is straight up spoof and silliness of spy movies. They’re talking about making a fourth. I don’t know how well it would do, but, based on the first three, I’d have to give it a chance.

3. Spider-Man

HUGE fan of Spidey, but, I do know how to make honest evaluations. Spider-Man was and probably is, going to be known as the first superhero movie that got it right. Superman did things in the 70’s so give him credit. Like Superman, as the movies came, the quality kinda dropped. Spider-Man three was not that bad. I mean, there is a lot going on and you don’t have a chance to actually grasp what’s going on. And, for you fans, that butler scene with Harry talking about his father’s wounds continues to piss me off. Still, this trilogy really put Spidey in a good place, even if it did take a few different paths vs the comics.

2. Toy Story

Each movie may have a very similar theme, but, it doesn’t mean it gets old. Toy Story made shockwaves in the movie industry when the first one came out. And then the second one was just as, if not better. Over a decade later, here comes number three. I was impressed that they were able to get the original cast back. I think that was key. But, TS3 may have been the best of them all. I just can’t tell really. Like I said, no spoilers. However, and this is especially for the guys: It’s okay to cry. Anybody that makes fun of anybody for crying during the third movie needs to be kicked in the shin or have pepper spray in their eyes. Preferable both.

So, before we look at number one, here’s the 11th trilogy that just couldn’t make the cut.

Honorable Mention: Aladdin

Ah, Aladdin. The first movie, hands down, might be in my top 10-20 movies of all time. The next two movies were okay. Even the TV series was cool. But yeah, focus on the movies. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen the last two so the details aren’t as great. I remember the plot and such. Aladdin’s first movie was the best. They probably didn’t need the sequels and so, when they came out, it kinda confirmed it.

1. Back to the Future

I have to go with, what I would say, is the best time traveling story in movies. For one thing, the “science” of time travel didn’t make your head spin. I mean, nobody knows the exact science of it all and so we make up theories and rules. Still, this movie’s science was good. And it was key because there was a lot of back and forth in each movie. Honestly, the third one had to be the weakest for me, although others would say the second one. I can see that though. The second movie really took you for a ride since it went to the future (our present) and then it went all the way back to the past and an alternate movie present. We were all over the place. Still, this trilogy was tops. It had plenty of comedy, adventure, action, and more.

So that’s it. What’s your favorite on this list? What’s your favorite(s) trilogies? Can you stand all of the questions I’m asking? Hit the comments and let a brotha know!


Toy Story

Back to the Future



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