Five Reasons Why I Talk To Myself

Oh boy. Here we go, y’all! Now, I know I am far from being the only one to talk to oneself. For me, talking to myself helps me in a few ways. And so, I’m going to share some ways that I benefit from talking to myself. We’re not all crazy.

1. Helps my thought process

This happens when there’s more thoughts in my mind than I can handle. At this point, I talk my way through each one at a time. For recent instance, the Christmas cantata. In this situation, as lighting director, there’s a lot to look at and various ways to go about lighting a particular scene. Sometimes, I end up with multiple solutions for just one scene, all at the same time. At that point, I need to break each one down.

One could say write, but that actually hurts me a bit. I don’t know what it is, but, writing is still mind games to me in a sense that all of the thoughts still pour. Meanwhile, when I talk to myself, once I decide on one thought, somehow, the process of talking filters my thoughts to just that initial thought.

2. For creative purposes

Sometimes, I will say random things out loud. Maybe it’s not talking to myself; maybe it’s just thinking out loud. In any event, normally, while I’m talking to myself, I somehow, and this may contradict my first point, but I will think of other things. One example is if I’m in a social situation where I attempted to make someone laugh. I am constantly analyzing my material and am constantly building on what I previously did. Doing this out loud helps.

3. Criticism

Some may say this is bad, but, I am very critical of myself. If I do something awkward or if I simply don’t like the way I handled a situation, I usually bash myself severely. I make sure I don’t do it again. And, this is actually a benefit for me because outside critics rarely bother me. I storm myself so bad, it’s not even right. But, I can take it. So, when other people try to make fun of me or tell me about myself, I usually agree. I know my short comings and I know where I need to improve.

4. Prepare to social encounters

I think a lot of people do this one. One example is, we might be preparing for an interview or date. We’ll stand in front of the mirror and say “Hi, nice to meet you” or something like that. I do that too. I go pretty deep into the roleplaying though. I can hold conversations with myself and the person I plan on talking to. I do different voices and everything. And, because I can actually pick up on people’s thought patterns, I do a fairly well job in assuming what people will say when I say something. And, I can even prepare jokes. I surprise people with my fast reaction to comments with something silly. Truth is, I was thinking about that moment already and was prepared to use it when the time was right.

5. I’m simply bored

Yup. Sometimes, I’m all alone in the house or I want to spark up one of my previous points. This could also be thinking out loud. Sometimes, I end up rambling out loud because of various thoughts that come just from being bored with nothing better to do, or even with important stuff to do.

So, do you talk to yourself? If it helps you, how? If not…well, good for you. The month of lists keep on going!



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