New DALANEL Feature: Daily Good News

When I first started DALANEL in August of 2012, it was an incident that drove me to bring about this positive spin on the world as we know it. I had read an article, I forget what it was about, but it was bad. And that day, I just became sick of the news.

So, I wanted to do something about it.

And so, it started easy with stuff like Weekly Funnies and Good Friday posts. Then, it expanded to Daily Good Stuff, which sorta combined Weekly Funnies and Good Friday material. This became the leading feature for the blog.

And while it’s been a hit for you, in terms of views, I have decided that, it’s not enough. It doesn’t quite answer my initial problem back last year. The main point of DALANEL is to…I don’t want to say fight, but, to go up against the likes of ABC, CNN, NBC, and all of their “friends”. They bring more “negative” news than we really need.

Now, there’s this perspective that the world is full of evil people as well as tragedies. But, it’s not. But, that’s what those major news stations will have you believe. And so, Good News should be showcased more on this blog, since the blog’s main mission is to shed light on the good people and events going on.

Daily Good Stuff does this to a point. Hidden in the DGS’ are good news, but sometimes it can get crowded by the other stuff going on. So, it’s time to spotlight them. Daily Good Stuff is not going anywhere. The content will be the same.

However, Good News needs its own special attention. And so, let me introduce you to Daily Good News. Daily Good News will have the following:

  • Good News from around the web
  • Scriptures
  • Quotes

As time goes on, maybe more things will be added. And don’t worry, it won’t be exactly like Daily Good Stuff, although it will follow its model. I’ll have several quotes as well as scriptures and news articles.

And so, in time, it should rise to be the flagship post on the blog. And, with the recent surge of views, I’m thinking this post will be a favorite early.

November continues to be the month of changes. Stay tuned.



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