Top 10 Quotes From My Book

Earlier, I talked about my favorite chapters from my book. Today, in yet another self centered post, I’ll talk about some of my favorite things I’ve said. It’s not ranked by favorite. Just ten passages I really liked from my book. Ya ready? Let’s gooooooo!

10. Who should we be?

There’s that common saying: You can do anything if you put your mind to it. I don’t
really buy into that. I never did. I always looked at it this way: You can do
anything that God calls you to do. You can be anybody God calls you to be. It’s
not about what we want to do or be, it’s about what God has planted us to do.

9. Talking to God

But let’s review the problem that we have when praying. We go to God, ask for something, and then walk away saying “Amen”. What’s wrong with that? Recognize that prayer is a special word for talking. We’re talking to God. When we talk to our friends, we wait for the reply. But with God, it’s “I want this and that, Amen” then walk away. The thing that cracks me up is we get offended when we don’t hear a response. But God tried to say “yes” “no” “maybe” “later”, while we walk away.

8. Benefits of being a Christian

Your life will be better from accepting Jesus into it because you will have hope
that will never die. You now have access to joy that you could never imagine.
You are loved much more than the world could ever love you. You have eternal
life. While the world tries to help itself, you can go to your heavenly Father
for help.

7. Loving Money

You know you love money when you don’t think you’re going to make it without it.

When you get the bills in the mail, and you know you don’t have the money, your reaction will come in two ways. 1) you will call on God, asking Him to give you the money to pay for your bills. This shows your faith is in God, not money. Or, 2) you now don’t think you will make it because not only have you been focused on each pay check that came in, but your life centered on the fact that money got you from point A to point B. You thought money got you food on the table and clothes on your back. When we start thinking like that, our faith and hope and really who we are, rests on money. And that’s not a good thing at all.

6. Forgiving vs accepting

Looking at what not forgiving someone will do, it’s actually a benefit to just forgive. “Why should I just accept what he did?” To me, there is a difference between accepting something and forgiving something. And that’s the key here. Just because we forgive something, doesn’t mean we accept it.

5. Look out for you

At some point, enough is enough. Time to step back and say, “I’m not going to put
myself in harms’ way anymore”. I keep saying it: You have to be a little
selfish. You have to live your life in the most productive way possible.
Surround yourself with positives and you should be fine. Negative people will
try to bring you down to their level of hopelessness. You can’t let that happen
because once that happens, it’s hard to get out.

4. Love for everybody

Jesus wanted to have dinner with a well known thief. I’m not saying the next time you catch someone stealing something from you; you go and offer him a nice steak dinner. What I am saying is that we should extend love to everybody, despite what they believe and what type of lifestyle they live.

3. Witnessing for the end of the world

I say that it’s not a very good idea to use fear as motivation to accept Jesus.
Jesus wants us to accept Him for who He is and what He’s done for us at the
cross. We should only use that as our main inspiration when spreading the

A few paragraphs later…

And this could potentially cause problems in the relationship with God. If you’re
only in it to escape Hell, are you really going to be a productive Christian?
Are you? Being a Christian isn’t a religion; it’s a relationship. There are
things that are expected of us when we accept Jesus. But, if we’re only
accepting Jesus to avoid doom, does it really matter? I say no, it doesn’t.

2. Abusing God’s mercy

And so God may show mercy even though we don’t deserve it. But, we shouldn’t bank on mercy. “Oh well he’ll forgive me so it won’t be so bad.” We can’t think like that. That’s taking advantage of mercy in an abusive way. It’s pretty much saying that you can jump off a cliff and be ok because God has His angels protecting you.

1. The right source

We have spiritual needs. We have spiritual holes. And we keep trying to fill these
holes with worldly stuff. That’s just foolish. You have a flashlight that takes
AA batteries. Would you try and put in AAA batteries? I would certainly hope
not. It’s not going to work. You need the right source. God is the right source
to plug up your spiritual holes. The world is not going to get it done.

Now that’s ten quotes from me. This next item is from my mom, although I made a few modifications. I really like this.

Sometimes, one prayer isn’t enough

You have an axe. You need a Christmas tree. You’re looking for that perfect tree.
Ah! There she is. (Why we call inanimate objects and asexual beings a “she”;
I’ll never know). Anyway, it’s time to chop her down. Wack! You swing your axe into the tree once. So, are you done? No, of course not. s trunk until it falls.

It’s the same with prayer. When we pray, we have to keep praying. Keep chopping away at the problem we are praying for. If you keep working on that metaphorical tree, you will eventually knock it down. It may happen overnight. It may take years before the tree is finally knocked down. But it takes time. You have to be willing to keep up your efforts.

So, that’s it. I was 20 when I wrote that stuff. I’m 22 now. Sometimes, I forget what I wrote and so my owns speak to me. It’s amazing. Did I mention the book isn’t even 200 pages in length? Yup. So much in such a small package.

Thanks for reading. If ya liked what you saw here, and would like to purchase the book, head over to the “My Book” page and see where you can purchase the book.

Let me know which quote was a favorite. If you’ve read the book, was there anything out of this list that spoke to you?


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