Weekly News 14

Most of the news this past week were more on the good side. And that’s weird. Time to start looking for more sources.

A hotel helped a woman recover a valuable ring that her late grandmother gave to her. Yay.

A student who struggles with stammering made a nice speech thanks to a special “Hollywood” remedy. His stammering was so bad, that just by him being able to make a speech actually brought people to tears, including folks who bullied him. The link has a video of it all unfolding.

Beyoncé and her fine self was doing a concert in Australia. With a push from Hope for Children, which is a charity program, this 11 year old blind girl, with some hearing and muscle problems, got to sing a song with Beyoncé during the concert.
You may remember a bus driver saving a woman from suicide (read last story). Welp, there’s an update. Donald Trump heard about it and gave the driver $10,000. Wow.

As you know, I’m a Batman fan. So, this good news is especially cool for me. Here we have, a big Batman fan. He’s so big on the hero, that he has an exact replica of the batcave. Well, he’s now decided to share that with a sick child. The kid wanted to be Batman for a day and he got his wish. He shares the cave with kids with cancer. There’s a hero right there.

This is some weird…cute…interesting…news. A couple chronicles their arguments on Twitter. They say it has really helped them in their relationship. It just goes to show, social media doesn’t always have to be bad. To each his own though. Still, this was a really cool story.

There’s a billboard in Portland that sends random messages. It’s aim: Encourage positive thinking. The latest message, which is number two of what is supposed to be 8 in all, says: “You are so freaking awesome.”

A study shows that positive thinking can give an extra 10 years to life. So, this blog is all about saving lives! Haha but seriously, check out the results.

Whew! And so, another week of news is down. Remember, there’s good going on in this world.



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