Ten Fred Hammond Songs

One thing you readers don’t hear about from me: I love Fred Hammond music. I’ve got 150+ tracks of goodness. Anyway, I’m going to share ten songs that I like. I actually struggle to make a “favorites” list of his songs because I love a lot of them and could never actually rank them. I do have one clear favorite though. Anyway, turn up the speakers cause it’s about to get loud up in here!

This next one is currently my favorite of all time:

Okay, on the CD, these songs are separate. But, they flow into each other so I guess that’s why most youtubers put them together. So, this will count for two songs.

Alright, that’s a taste of Fred if ya never heard his music before. Only person that comes close to being my favorite artist is Michael Jackson. I guess I’d better get ten songs ready for him, huh?


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