DALANEL Failed Experiments

At times, when you’re blogging and trying to figure out what’s going on and what works are doesn’t, you’ll stumble upon a few…not so good ideas. This list is four features that, I tried, but never got it up and running for one reason or another.

How Was Your Week?

Back when I made the mistake of trying to make this blog a comment driven blog, I had “How Was Your Week?” where I asked how your week went. The viewing was so bad for the four posts I did, not to mentioned no one responded, made this a failure in my eyes. Plus, I tried to talk about my week and that brings me back my growing belief that people don’t care to read about my life story. Would I ever bring it back? Hahahaha

Dante and Basketball

As soon as I announced that I would do this, I ended up reviving my sports blog. And so, this sports feature moved there. That’s pretty much why I stopped doing it here.


Hahahaha this was an attempt to review various products and whatever. Dante’s Opinion seems to take over the thought patterns. For instance, if someone asks about a product, boom, there’s a Review right there without actually reviewing. I don’t know; I never got behind it.

Now, those first three on this list have their own categories so you can easily follow them. This last one however, is hidden inside of a category, but was its own feature.

July Jam

Good grief. July Jam was part of a big birthday celebration for July. July Jam was one of two special month long series that I had. In it, I was supposed to post a favorite Michael Jackson and Fred Hammond song. Back then, as you know, I had battles with my laptop and I soon quit after a week or so. Some of the posts aren’t even linked correctly and I simply do not care enough to fix them.

So, that’s a few things that this blog tried and never really got going. Hey, you don’t know until you try it. No wait…that’s not very good advice. I mean, I never tried drugs but that doesn’t mean I should. I need a better closing statement.

Um…If you get shot in the knee, it will probably hurt. That’s Dante Wisdom right there, y’all!




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