Dante’s Opinion: Was I right in just doing what the principle said?

First question is by Kayla (I’ve always liked that name)

Okay I’m 19 and work as a janitor for a high school. Anyway I feel kind of bad I had to do this yesterday. There were some students from a college coming to talk for an assembly today. Anyway they were there from about 9:30 and were leaving at around 12:30.

At around 11:30 we had to lock the restrooms do to some water problems. The students were allowed to use the nurses bathroom but there were no other restrooms for the college students who had come to the school. Now here’s where the problem comes in.

Just after locking one of the restrooms one of the college girls ( I knew it was one of the college girls because she was wearing khakis and a white blouse and I mistook her for a teacher at first, she obviously wasn’t a student ) who came to the school that day came around the corner and was walking towards the bathroom. She obviously had to go so I told her to use the nurses, however she said she needed to talk for the assembly soon and couldn’t walk across the school.So she went back to the assembly.

Anyway when they were leaving at 12:30 the girl and two of her friends who were from the college asked me to unlock a restroom so they could all go but I couldn’t because I didn’t want to get in trouble. The thing is I felt really bad because I heard the woman say to her friend “I’m gonna end up going in my pants soon” as they were walking out the door.

I just feel bad about this. They come from a college to help give some advice to students and this is the treatment they get. Was I right in just doing what the principle said and keeping the bathrooms locked? The worst part is we opened them about 15 minutes after they left as the water was fixed by then!

Hey, there was a problem in the bathroom. Your hands were tied. I would feel bad, but, there was nothing you could do.

This question is from Alvina Castro Depp.

Hi guys, I’m opening a new jewelery line and I would like to sell it online, do u guys know websites that allow us to sell our things? One of the example is Etsy. And it would be better if it’s a website that’s based in Singapore, but if not, it’s still okay 🙂 Thanks a lot!

Okay, so, this is my only answer to this: Try eBay. I say this because my mom ran a business on there. It was called “Garments of Splendor” and it was a clothing business based on a verse in the book of Isaiah. Lord knows I forgot the actual verse. Anyway, she set things up on eBay.com. eBay took a little cut of her earnings, but, it was her business. So that’s something.

Last one is from Rose.

I need to stop putting myself down so much. I have a tumblr; a blog .. there are many very pretty girls with theigh gaps, flat tummies,  long hair, white smiles and guys always like “beautiful” , “I’d date you”and it just lowers my self esteem.  I want to be one of those girls. I don’t necessarily fit in, but I’m not ugly. I don’t have a flat tummy but I have a good personality when it shows. People my age only care about looks. I’m so tired. I try to be perfect and society still portrays me as invisible.  I need to boost my self esteem and confidence.  I’m sick of feeling this way. Tips? I have bad anxiety and depression. . Please, help.

Alright…first of all, you are beautiful. Read this post here that I wrote about my claim that women are beautiful and why they are. Now, in that post, I talk about the different forms of beauty. It seems you are aware that there is more than looks. I go through this too. I don’t have Hollywood looks; but, I think I’m okay. But, yeah, it’s easy to comment on things that we see, before we get to know somebody.

For a guy, this may be different. But, I’m going to tell you this: You are beautiful and you cannot let yourself be defined by what the media says is beautiful or not. Be you. People love you for you and people will love you for you. It can get tiresome. If you put a mindset on that you are a “Pretty Princess” of the most high King, it can boost your self esteem. God thinks you’re perfect, and he’s made an awful lot of people that guys “would date” and such.

Tha-tha-that’s alllll folks!



6 thoughts on “Dante’s Opinion: Was I right in just doing what the principle said?

  1. Okay, question about the last writer: If no one else validates how you look, then what good does it do if you are the only one that thinks you’re attractive? I struggle with this myself. I can tell myself I’m pretty or smart, etc. all day long, but it does no good if I’m the only one that believes it.

    What say you?


    • Well, I was going off of “if ya can’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you?”. So, in that sense, it was a building block. After you establish self confidence, then you deal with the world. It definitely helps that people validate our thoughts about ourselves. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t allow myself to get too high or too low with outside opinions. I take the good and bad. However, I can’t argue the boost in your step when someone says “Nice hair” “you look great in that suit”.

      Ultimately, I think there’s some good in having a confidence in yourself even if nobody else validates it. Sure, we can lie to ourselves and so hearing others confirm us helps. In my own personal experience, I tend to bash myself too much. Based off of what people say to me about my qualities, I must think I’m a worse person than I am. Some people are opposite. All in all, we need to have a healthy opinion of ourselves if we expect for others to follow.


      • Ah. Hm, welp, I’ve always been like this. I don’t get my hopes up in fear of being crushed. So, I have always preferred to downgrade myself. This way, if people raise me up, I feel good and if people bash me, it doesn’t affect me since I consider myself my own worst critic.

        Some of it is me avoiding arrogance. I don’t get cocky except for two areas: Knowledge of the Sixers and being a great brother. Other than that, I shy away from showcasing anything.

        On the other side, on terms of arrogance, people don’t like arrogant people. So, if you’re the only person that thinks he’s good at something or has a great physical feature, you can come across as arrogant.

        So yeah, I would imagine it’s better to bash yourself with others thinking highly of you. But, of course, both sides have ups and downs and sometimes the situation can change the way we feel.


      • LOL Oh man I didn’t even think about that. Well…after seeing the movie “The Good Son”, I think I’d prefer to be known as great son or at least really good. As to being cocky…welp, yeah you know what? I was a really good son. Still am.


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