Ah, wishful thinking. There are a couple of scenarios at least where I know what I want to do, but, for some reason or another, I can’t bring myself to doing it. We all have em. Perhaps, temptations? In a perfect world of no consequences, we’d probably do some of these things in a heart beat. Let’s go through the list and try not to break your neck as you nod in agreement with what you see.

  • Punch the lazy/dumb coworker in the face
  • Make a run for it on field/court/ice at sporting event.
  • Rob a bank because you’re broke
  • Never sleep
  • Sleep all the time (or at least stay in bed)
  • Watch Tyler Perry movies and shows
  • Please everyone
  • Not study for the big test
  • Not forgive
  • Scratch any part of our body. In public.
  • Being honest (if the answer is “yes” to “does this dress make me look fat?”)
  • Protect our loved ones from certain experiences
  • Drink and eat anything
  • Tell Dante just how awesome he is

I’m running out of lists.