Weekly News 15

Another week of news in the books. Let’s get it on, buddy.

If you see someone without a helmet, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a helmet. Introducing “Invisible Bike Helmets” which are just mini helmets. The catch? They act as air bags. There’s a video.

An Oregon town is donating an ambulance to an African clinic.
This 90 year old is feeling great. I just have to do this though: My great grand mother is 90 as well and does more than this lady. I already talked about her. But yeah, old age is really something.

A Nevada man and an Iranian are teaming up:

Now, the two are planning to reunite next month to ride their bikes across Iran in a symbolic gesture of peace.

Their project, Wheels of Peace, will begin with each of them visiting schools in his respective country and sharing his experiences of finding friendship with someone who might otherwise be considered an enemy.

The children will be asked to write letters to students in the other country.

A man, who grew out of the foster system and hadn’t had a family since age seven, is getting something special this year.

But even better, Seth will be enjoying his first proper Thanksgiving after being offered the one thing he’s always wanted. A family.

Read more here, including a surprise family reunion.

A 12 year old is inventing some awesome things. There’s a video of him on the Ellen show, where he demonstrates three of his inventions. My favorite? The bike. That thing was awesome.

Bat Kid saves the day! That’s what they’re saying in San Francisco as Make-A-Wish foundation makes a cancer stricken boy’s dreams come true. He dressed up as Batman and fought some of Batman’s more famous enemies. Did I mention that San Francisco played along by transforming into Gotham City? Yeah, this project was big.

One young woman is not letting a lost leg stop her from running after her dreams.

Let’s be clear: cigarettes are bad for you. But, Vancouver doesn’t want them to go to complete waste. These days, they’ve started a cigarette-butt recycling program. Thaaaat’s right! Put way the ashtray because now these butts can be converted to useful items. We want people to stop smoking (at least we should) but, in the meantime, might as well get something useful for it. Cool.

FedEx is giving 17,000 Christmas trees to our troops. That’s cool. That’s more than my fingers can count. My toes don’t help much, either.

Well, this bus driver decided to educate himself by way of sign language. he’s had a few riders that are deaf and have trouble communicating with the driver, since he doesn’t know sign language. Well, now he’ll be able to communicate. One of my sisters is very fluent in sign language so I have an idea of what it takes to learn such finger work. For his efforts, he was awarded the Hometown Heroes in Transit award, which honors extraordinary transit workers in New York City.

Don’t ya hate when kids nag and nag? I be like, “get the hippo out of my face, kid”. Ironically, a kid’s nagging saved his parents from being killed by a tornado. So…yeah… So, are we missing out of key things when kids nag to us adults? It remains to be seen.

There’s a man out there leading a fight against gun violence. He’s…well, this is the basics:

In 2000, he founded CeaseFire (now known as Cure Violence), a Chicago-based organization that treated violence in one such local cluster — in West Garfield, one of the toughest neighborhoods in the city — as a public health problem rather than a criminal justice issue. Shootings dropped dramatically.
Yeah, you can read more about that, here.
Is more, better? You may recall those AT&T commercials with the guy and the kids at a table. Well, this article aims to change our way of thinking. More isn’t always better. Read it.

Africa’s girls are becoming more educated. Ethiopia and Angola attendance has doubled in the past decade. The West African in me smiles. Girl power, am I right?

Selfie is the word of the year. So, on the count of three, take out your smart phones, get that camera ready, and say cheese! By the way, in case you don’t know what “Selfie” is, it’s a short word for taking a picture of yourself. It beat the likes of “twerk”. I’d love to hear what Noah Webster would have to say about this.

Whew! There’s a lot more than usual because of the Daily Good News, which posts quite a bit of news. Plus, Daily Good Stuff posts news as well. Weekly News may not be active much longer.



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