What It Takes to Be A Blogger for DALANEL

Are you interested in blogging with me? Do you like the mission and the vision that this blog has? That’s a great start! However…if I’m going to have you on my staff, there are a few things I’d require as well as some before hand “warnings”. What a lot of you may not know is that someone used to be a member of the staff here. Used to be. She wrote only one post here. Anyway, this month has been all about changes. One of the changes I was really hoping for was to add a blogger or two (or more!) to help runs things and to help take this site to another level. I already have a page talking about this.

No $$$

Right now, I’m not paying anybody. I’m broke and this blog doesn’t make me any money. In the future, if I do decide to place ads and such, and start making money, I can offer compensation to my staff.

Knows how to research

At DALANEL, I’m always trying to find stories on the web; mainly positive and good news. By joining me, especially if you want to help me with Daily Good News, you’ll need to be able to find the story. Any facts you want to mention, make sure you know it’s a fact, vs what you heard.

Decent writing skills

There’s not a lot of writing here, as you can tell from my featured posts. And so, you don’t have to worry about being “sophisticated” or something. You can’t mess around with “you’re” and “your” though as well as other homonyms. And we use whole words here. So, no “ur”. Ew.

Passion for blogging

You have to want to do this. I intend on giving a lot of room to work. You’ll be able to write about just about anything, as long as it’s in line with the blog’s mission. But yeah, having the desire to blog in general is going to be good for this blog.

A voice

I want you to grow as a blogger. No matter the experience, we can all learn a little something new from time to time. In this case, I’m talking to less experienced bloggers. Look, I want you to develop a blogging voice. I’ll help you. Be you. Be confident in your voice. Be consistent with your voice. I want this blog to have more than one voice. I’m boring, ya know?

So, that’s some of the more important things. There are other things that we’ll talk about. These are base stuff, if you will. See if you can find that one post that the former staff member I mentioned earlier, wrote here. Bwahahahaha!

So, would you join?



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