Daily Good News 9

So, some good news for DALANEL: I’m at 950 followers as I write this. Yeah, the blog’s following has exploded since hitting 800 just a couple of weeks ago. Simply amazing, although the viewing has gone down to pre-crazy numbers. Ew. There’s another announcement I want to make, but, not yet. Ch-ch-ch-changes, baby!

Anyway, let’s get it on with the latest good news and such.



Hm, how about that?

This first piece of news is terrific. Here’s a couple of stories from a couple of cabbies. One guy saved a man who apparently had fallen, and couldn’t get up. They say, by the cab driver calling 911, he likely saved the man’s life. The other man helped a woman give birth right in the cab. Hope he got those seat cleaned. There’s just so much life here.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. Henry Ford

We all know it’s getting a little colder, at least for Tennessee. And one car dealership is trying to make a difference. They’re going to donate coats for over 60 local area kids. Awesome. Check out the simple quote for why the head of the dealership is doing this:

‘We’ve been here almost 30 years and Dyersburg has been good to us. We wanted to give something back.’

Cool. Or…warm. Ha.

A perverse man stirs up dissension, and a gossip separates close friends. Proverbs 16:28

Last bit of news for you. A man takes matters into his own hands and develops a special sleeve for aortas. Take a look at the beautiful details.

Tal Golesworthy, 57, suffers from Marfan syndrome, a genetic, life-threatening condition that left his aorta – the largest artery – in danger of splitting. But faced with grueling surgery and a lifetime on blood-thinning drugs, he designed himself a made-to-measure knitted polyester sleeve to fit around his aorta. He persuaded doctors to use him as a guinea pig – and the ground-breaking procedure was a complete success. Inspired by its success, Mr Golesworthy and a team of surgeons decided to make the technology available to other patients. To date, more than 40 patients – the youngest being just 16 – have had their own individually designed surgical sleeve fitted in London, the John Radcliffe Hospital, in Oxford, and the Leuven University Hospital in Belgium.

Wow. Tal is an engineer for what it’s worth. So, he’s got the brain power to figure out how things work. Let’s keep this up.

And that’s where we’ll end it, today. Last week of November should be eventful for DALANEL. Stay tuned.


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