Ten Words of Wisdom or Something

Ah, wisdom. In comes in all shapes and sizes or something. These are words of wisdom.

Um…I’m the author of these words…probably should’ve lead with that, huh? I mean, you’re here now; might as well read the list.

  • There is no such thing as a stupid question, my friends. However, there’s a such thing as an obvious answer question.
  • Set your alarms 15 minutes later. Your body always wakes up too soon, anyway. You’ll wake up on time.
  • If at first a stunt almost kills you, encourage your buddy to do it.
  • A woman who looks pregnant is never pregnant until her water breaks. We never ask.
  • Humping your way to the top isn’t logical. Use your hands. Jesus used His hands on wood. See? It’s all clear now.
  • You’ll never know how hot coffee is until you try-OH GOH, MAH TONGUE!
  • If you want to be famous, die in an unusual way.
  • Always tell your electronics how much you love them. You never know when they decide the world is theirs.
  • Don’t aim too high. It won’t matter. Gravity always wins.
  • Never ask Dante why he made this list.

Take these words with you. Survive. Exist, and all that crap.



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