Wait A Minute…Can DALANEL Get to 1,000 Followers!?

Hold on.

*grabs a calculator and adds values*

I…I-I don’t think I’m getting this correctly. Help me out. I’m trying to add my social media following as well as WordPress following.

  • Facebook: 373
  • Twitter: 212
  • WordPress: 126
  • Tumblr: 114
  • LinkedIn: 98
  • Google+: 26
  • Comment: 1

Can you tell me what that adds to? I keep getting 950, but, that can’t be right. I just got to 800. Is my following on the verge of 1,000? As I keep saying, these are the numbers WordPress uses as “publicize”. Fellow WP users know what I mean; especially if you look up the term publicize.

*checks numbers again* It’s possible! Holy…

What do I do? Do I go for it?


Let’s do it. Let’s see if DALANEL can finally hit the 1,000 follower mark by 2014. Let’s see if positive blogging truly is awesome.

It’s funny because the viewing is so bad. I mean, like, it’s a almost like a joke. It is a joke. People are following but not really reading. That’s odd. Or, maybe they are and don’t have to visit the blog to like what they see.

For instance, I’m pretty sure Tumblr followers are a little big on the photos. There’s more response to photos versus no photo. So, they respond on Tumblr, but, they never hit the link to visit the site.

Uh…wait…Tumblr is my number one referrer out of the list about. Huh. Well, there goes that theory. I always told myself getting to 5,000 followers was the ultimate following goal. I twice that many in views per month, so 10,000 views per month.

Facebook has been slacking off. Shame on you, you largest group of following I have. Tumblr and WordPress have been the most active in terms of new followers.

Alright, we’ll save the stats for later. Right now, the focus is 1,000. Can it be done? The goal seems as real as the third nipple on my chest. I think this can happen. If it doesn’t, that’s fine too. There have been days I didn’t think I’d see this number of followers.

But, for the love of all things fat and green, view the darn blog! Gimme some hits, son. I’ve never gone this far for views but, with the amount of followers I have and the amount of views I get, it’s got to be better than this.

Nah, I’m extremely grateful for each of you that are following this blog. I thank you for reading this. Let’s get to 1,000 followers and see what happens.

Um…the best is yet to come, right? Sure it is!



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