Daily Good News 10

We made it to the tenth Daily Good News. It’s been doing okay. I simply don’t feel like talking about the blog’s performance anymore. Let’s get through this post.

SS May 20, 2012

We’re still fighting homelessness. From a Biblical standpoint, we always will be. That doesn’t mean we quit.

A residential program that will help 60 homeless moms manage mental health illnesses, gain stable housing and find employment celebrated its grand opening Friday in Pacoima.

The whole story is a good read.

The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man’s foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher. Thomas Henry Huxley

A 24 year old woman from San Diego donated her kidney to a complete stranger…that she met on Facebook…who lived in Florida. Yeah.

There’s two things to take from this. One, once again, the use of social media is put into a positive spin. People constantly say it’s no good. It’s all in how you use it. Facebook is only a tool.

The other thing is this quote from the woman who received the kidney:

“I can’t even tell you the amazing feeling it is that someone gave me a second chance at life,” she said.

Um, sweetie…Jesus did this same thing. That’s what we need to understand here. We were all supposed to die. Jesus “donated His kidney” so that we may live. That feeling we get like that woman got is what we will experience and so much more when we accept the gift of life from Jesus.

I could go on, but not at this time. Maybe for another post.

We’re also going to go ahead and wrap this post up.



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