Dante’s Opinion: The Family guy, do you like Vinny, the new dog?

It feels like forever since I last posted a Dante’s Opinion. Here we are.

First question is from Domandatore:

The Family guy, do you like Vinny, the new dog? I was sad when brian dead but Vinny is not bad, he is funny

I love this show. When I hear someone was gonna die off, I narrowed it down to Meg, Chris, or Brian. Spoiler alert: Brian died. When Vinny first showed up, I actually thought he was bad news. Episode ended before I could really get to know him. Overall, he seems cool. I’m going to say I do like him. Whether he’s better than Brian, I don’t know. I’ll need a lot more episodes before I can better compare notes. Still, Family Guy fans absolutely loved the Stewie and Brian episodes so I’m curious to see how the show carries on without one of its better features.

Next is from Amanda Casey Dover:

Will I lose my games like GTA and Sims when I update my Windows 8 Laptop to Windows 8.1? It keeps on bugging me to update it and I don’t know how to make it stop letting me know to update it. I herd it makes your PC slower and you lose everything that you had before. I don’t have a flash drive to put anything on. Help me please.

Actually, and this is coming from a guy that had 8 and got the update to 8.1, nothing gets lost. At least, nothing was lost for me, including the games that I had and progress I made in them. So, I would think your games should be fine. I also play the Sims and would feel some kind of way if I lost my progress. If it means anything, I also have Windows Phone, and that also got a big update, without losing work.

Last question of the day is from Freya:

My cousin just texted me that she was praying for me. What the heck does that mean? Kinda random!?

I’m not acting weird or anything. Why would she text that to me all out of the blue? We speak like twice a year anyway. She said, “I just want you to know I love you and I’m praying for you.” Implying that I did something in need of praying for? Maybe I’m reading too much into it. It just makes me think she doesn’t approve of something I may be doing or the way I live my life.

Alright, so, this is something I’ve talked about in my book. It’s too long. Simply put, I don’t think she was intentionally looking down on you or anything like that. No, I think she was genuinely caring for you. I know the media showcases “I’ll pray for you” as if you have a serious problem or something. I don’t think that’s the case here.

Another round of questions bites the dust.



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