Top Ten Daily Good Stuff Themes

Daily Good Stuff has been around since March 2013. I’ve done a few “special” posts. It can be a challenge to find specific types of quotes or jokes or videos and such. However, themed posts get more views than others so I like to get as many as I can. Let’s look at the top ten so far. I’ll link that post to you so you can check it out if you want.

There’s some math involved. I’m looking at a combined number of likes and views for each post. So really, this is a post generated by you, the readers.

10. Daily Good Stuff 15: 5 Pictures Must Be Worth 5,000 Words

I was surprised that this made the list. This post was five funny images. That’s about it. But, as we’ll see later in this post, image posts are fairly popular.

9. Daily Good Stuff 140: Babies

Clearly the most adorable of all of the DGS’s this post was centered around babies and toddlers.

8. Daily Good Stuff 223: Get Dirty 2

On a couple of rare instances, I will make a second version of a theme. Most of the time, it’s the birthday stuff. However, I decided to do a second Get Dirty post recently. The views really came in on it. Interestingly enough, this post has the same amount of views as the babies one. So, it came down to likes. The babies got no likes while this post got two. There ya go: People prefer being dirty over looking at babies. Trust me.

7. Daily Good Stuff 164: Teachers

Ah, teachers. This was a little back to school type thing as I centered on the teachers.

6. Daily Good Stuff 92: Get Dirty

See? You people are so dirty!

5. Daily Good Stuff 184: Comic Book Day

It was a holiday that day. So, this particular post has a bunch of comics.

4. Daily Good Stuff 197: A Sister’s Birthday

The latest birthday themed post, this one was for Denae, the older of my two little sisters. This post also marked the return of me doing DGS on the weekends, as I had stopped doing weekend shifts in…er…I think August. There’s only five birthday posts I’m doing. One for dad, one for each sister, one for me, and eventually for mom. She’s in January; but I didn’t start DGS until March.

3. Daily Good Stuff 49: Funny Comics

Welp, this is similar to comic book day as this is all comics as well. Obviously, you guys like your comics, so I guess it’s time to work on another.

2. Daily Good Stuff 83: Birthday Party!

This is the one for my other sister.

1. Daily Good Stuff 133: It’s My Birthday!

By far, this post is the most viewed Daily Good Stuff as well as the number one viewed for the entire blog. Just shows how self centered we are, right? Sure.

So, that’s it then. Which DGS post is your favorite? With so many of them, I can’t blame ya if you don’t know. Still, if you can think of any, let me know so I’ll be able to try to replicate it or something. I might make a list of my own personal favorites. Thanks for reading!



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