Ah, we made it to the end. Well, not quite the end, but, there shouldn’t be anymore major changes to the site.

For one thing, we changed the theme of the blog. The new layout seems to be working out well compared to the previous version. It’s simple. I’ve tweaked pages and even created a couple more. I introduced a couple of new features to the blog: Daily Good News and Wednesday Word.

Overall, November went well. I’m happy for that. The idea behind making November the time for changes is because I want this blog to flat line. Meaning, I don’t want to make any major changes unless I have to. I don’t want to add or subtract things unless it needs to happen.

True, you should keep mixing things up to keep things fresh. However, there has to be a level stability and consistency. That’s what I’m going for. Next time I want to make a major change, I hope it’s at least four months away.

Viewing for this month has been absolutely terrific. November viewing alone was responsible for about 37% of DALANEL’s views for all time. Crazy. And we’re just getting started. I’ll let you know the details in my monthly stats recap.

And so, the construction zone comes to an end. I would like to thank you for sticking it out. For those of you that joined me in the past few weeks: things are going to get quiet very soon.

As I said in the beginning of the month, in all of these changes, one thing remains the same: DALANEL strives to bring a positive spin on the world. All of the changes here are based off of that.