Wednesday Word: Run Your Race

Wednesday Word starts off with a short sermon followed by some of my own commentary.

This was good. He hit on a lot of good points. We spend a lot of time thinking about our image physically. We often fail to understand how our spirits need attention too, as he mentioned towards the end. We need to stay in shape to run our race.

But, why do we run the race? What is the race?

This brings me back to my book. There’s a chapter called “Do Your Part”. In there, I talk about how we, as Christians, have roles. God isn’t going to do everything for us. We have to do something. In this case, we’ve got to run. We can’t expect to win the race if we don’t run.

We can’t expect to have great health and not eat right.

We can’t expect to be productive in the day and not go to sleep at night.

We can’t expect to get good grades or perform well at work if we don’t put any effort into it.

That’s our race. That’s what we’re running for. We keep going until we’re done. God gives us a new race or we take all of our medals when we get to Heaven. Either way, the only way to get anything done, as Jake mentioned via quote, is to start the race.

There’s going to be obstacles. Keep your eyes and mind on your path. Don’t be deterred. Don’t forget that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. If Jesus wants you to run the race, no matter how difficult it may seem, He will give you the stamina to finish it. Trust Him.



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