Daily Good News 13: Thanksgiving Stories

Another day to keep up with the latest good news. Let’s see if we can get some Thanksgiving themed stories, okay?



Love this.

This first story here is one of those stories that keeps pushing me to do what I do at DALANEL. A man spends his time getting food for those who can’t get it themselves.

Stan loves being a driver for Meals on Wheels, an American Red Cross program that delivers meals to those who have disabilities, are chronically ill, or those who just returned from the hospital.

Yup, you may have heard of Meals on Wheels. It’s great people like Stan do this.

Another story is how a food pantry had food stolen from them. They told the public and then they were flooded with donations:

“All we can say is there was tremendous outpouring of sympathy for the poor, and that we are grateful for those who contributed,” said Father Edward A. Murphy, the pastor at Saint Anthony of Padua Church. “Whatever was taken was replaced, and we are pleased to say we have enough to give out to all those who need it for Thanksgiving.”

Thanks to the folks who donated. Man, let me not cry. There’s good people out there, folks.

Okay, so those were some cool stories. Share these stories with your loved ones today.



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