Dante’s Opinion: If you could be one person in the bible who would you want to be and why?

First question is a cool one from heyo:

If you could be one person in the bible who would you want to be and why? I would chose either Isaiah because of Isaiah 6 or Philip so I could have seen Jesus and not had to bear the weight of the whole church on my back like Peter or Paul!

Oh boy. Well, I guess it would’ve been cool to be Daniel or one of his three friends. They stood up for God even in the face of death. I always wanted to have the balls to face a fiery furnace or a lion’s den.

This is from Myles:

Hello I’m A 7th Gen. Prussian (I’m Not TECHNICALLY German But Its Close Enough) And I’m Also Jewish And When People Ask My Ethnicity I Say I’m German And Jewish (I Say German Because People Don’t Know What Prussia Is Any More) So Why Do They Laugh At Me Should I Punch Them In The Face Or Laugh Too?

World War Two. Germans treated Jews like garbage and so for you to be from both is…well, ironic. I love irony. But yeah, if I met someone like that, I’d probably have to chuckle too. I think it’s a little inconsiderate that they laugh right in your face but, again, Jews and Germans together after that is kinda a joke to many.

Hey, on a smaller scale, a white and black person is kinda ironic too. Isn’t that right, Obama? 

That’s all for today. That first question is a good discussion for the dinner table.




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