Daily Good News 14

I’ll be honest, for the past couple of days I have lost blogging fire. Not sure why. Maybe being stuffed with turkey made me lazy. But then, I never eat turkey on Thanksgiving so…yeah. Anyway, DALANEL is back online and ready to go. I mean, I still lost some blogging fire, but, I’m blogging through the down time. We all have down time, right?



Here’s an important story. A bishop disguised himself as a homeless man. Nobody that he knew recognized him. Here’s why he did it:

Musselman is touched by his ward members’ actions, but he says it wasn’t his goal to embarrass or make them feel ashamed. ¬†Instead he wanted them to remember to be kind to people from all walks of life; not just at the holidays, but all year long.

Yes, he was trying to teach his church a lesson. And, when he walked in, there were some mixed reactions. Read the story to see some reactions. There’s one by the children I thought was interesting.

UPS playing a part in the rebuilding efforts in the Philippines.

On Thanksgiving Day, a UPS aircraft departed Louisville, KY, loaded with 15,000 pounds of vital medical relief supplies, a donation to assist the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan.


I read this original story and was tempted to put it in a Good News post just a couple of days ago. However, it didn’t feel “good” in my standards. However, the update to the story is good. A Pizza Hut manager was fired for refusing to open on Thanksgiving Day. The update had the heads of Pizza Hut step in and recommend that he’d get his job back. The local branch agreed.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.



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