Daily Good News 17: Kind Strangers



A couple came home after welcoming their newborn baby into the world. The next day, while away at a relative’s home to ride out a tornado, their own house, including the furnished baby room and baby gifts and such, were trashed. What happens next is cool:

But as word of what happened spread, strangers started calling and offering to help. Volunteers showed up with coffee and food. People they didn’t know began sending money and gifts for Ariana, who’s come to be known as “Tornado Baby.”

Great. Next, we have another stranger giving a young woman money to start her own business.

Restaurant server Rosie Salice was happy to receive a customer’s compliment on her raw crystal necklace, a piece of jewelry she made by hand, but the customer’s kindness on Sunday didn’t stop there. When it came time to pay the tab, the customer gave Salice a $700 check. Met with a shocked expression, the customer told Salice she should use the money to start the jewelry-making business Salice had mentioned when waiting on the generous stranger.

Salice says she plans on using that money for a business license, tools and supplies, and perhaps a trademark name as well.

Last story. A man decides to pay for the next ten people in line at the grocery store.

Managers at the HEB said the anonymous man walked up to a cashier on Saturday and told her he wanted pay for the next ten customers’ groceries. “He just said he wanted to it, it was an act of kindness. And that’s what he wanted to do,” said HEB Public Affairs Director Cyndy Garza-Roberts.

Love it, love it, love it!

So, just know that some strangers are nice. There are people out there with kind hearts. We can play a part. A random smile. Perhaps a friendly hello. Break the social code. Thanks for reading.



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