DALANEL Hits 1,000 Followers. What’s Next?

So, mainly thanks to an explosion of new followers on Tumblr, DALANEL has reached a following status of 1,000. This is really cool and, I thank each of you. People are interested in the positive message here at DALANEL.

So, what now?

I know how many people I want at least to follow this blog. And so that’s the ultimate goal. Of course, baby steps. Right now, there’s no “get this many followers by this date”.

So, again, thank you for the follow and, well, tell your friends. Not many people keep a blog running to get this far. I put hard work into this thing each day. Darn right I’m gonna pat myself on the back for this time.

Did I say thanks? In case I didn’t,




Now I want to hear from you

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