Dante’s Opinion: Why do I feel embarrassed when taking the bus?

So, the first question is from Johnny:

Why do I feel embarrassed when taking the bus? I seriously feel a ‘little’ embarrassed when I take it. Any ideas why I could feel like this? I’m 21. I was heading to the Dmv actually to make a date for my driving test.

Well, maybe you think taking the bus is “beneath” you. Or, maybe you are dreading how people may look at you because of their same attitude towards the bus: It’s beneath them. And maybe it’s not even “embarrassed”. Maybe it’s more nervous.

Next question is from “?” (a question mark)

I really like my cousin, what do I do? I am 14 (almost 15) and my cousin is 14 too. She lives in Florida and I live in North Carolina and we see each other a couple times a year. I started having feelings for her like 3 years ago but I just thought they would go away. This past week they came up for thanksgiving and the feelings were stronger than ever. We always hang out when we see each other but I don’t know if she likes me? She always asks who I like but idk what that means. Its sometimes hard to fall asleep (like tonight) because I can’t stop thinking about her. I will see her again after Christmas, what should I do?

Nothing. But, I understand how awkward you would feel around her. Unfortunately, saying something about it is bad for two reasons:

  1. She’s your cousin. No relationship like that should even exist.
  2. Say you ignore my first point and tell her how you really feel. What happens if she’s not interested? You’re so screwed, bro.
  3. Telling anybody like your parents or something could make things awkward too.

So yeah, there’s more points I could make but, you should keep quiet. Medical help? Um, well, you would have to tell your parents and see a doctor. Best keep that under the rug. Hopefully you’ll grow out of it like I figured.

Ultimately, you must not do anything. If that means staying away from her, then do it. Do not try to get her feelings about you. Leave her alone.

For all we know, you could be horny (in a twisted way; but horny is horny).




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