Wednesday Word: The Power of Prayer

Alright, every once in a while, I’ll come across a video of a sermon that I don’t always…”agree” with. This isn’t one of those times but there will be a couple of times where I will look at things differently than what the sermon says.

There is nothing wrong with having your own interpretation or if you want to challenge what you’ve heard. The Lord wants you to challenge Him.

On with the sermon:

The power of prayer.

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You know, I see and hear a lot of “what does prayer do?” when various disasters strike. Folks who don’t believe in prayer; or at least the power of prayer normally call for action. They view prayer as just talking.

It is. But, it’s talking to someone who is in complete control.

Prayer is a special word for talking. We talk to God. And, God hears us. He takes our requests and, with His unlimited resources, takes care of it. We need to understand that there are times when we can’t do things on our own. And, when we’ve done all we can, we pray.

Like the guy said, even when it seems like nothing is coming from prayer, we pray. Jesus stresses prayer.


I’ve talked about this in my book and here at the blog. Prayer is a powerful tool. Quite frankly, I pray first, second, and last. Yes, there are some things we need to do. We have a role to play. However, like I said earlier, when we have no control over the situation, we pray.

I get it.

Prayer feels blah sometimes. We are naturally wired to act. We want to control things. Make things happen. We can feel so helpless just sitting around with our hands folded. Most of us have been there.

Only way you believe in the power of prayer is if you believe in who you’re praying to. If you believe God will handle your cries with the utmost care, then you will believe in the power of prayer. If you think God is like “Yeah, I hear ya. I’ll see what I can do” in a dismissive tone, then your prayer will be weak. It has no power, or not as much as someone with faith.

Alright, I’m going to stop here before I go off. Later.



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