Daily Good News 19: Helping the homeless; Dog saves the family

Hey, it’s that time again. I’m always working on what I can add to this feature. I’m close to a couple of new additions.



Ah, words of wisdom. It would be really interesting if he’s the one sharing his cookie vs just being a monster about it.

This first is an update on a story I posted here. A man picked out a homeless guy and attempted to teach him code. Well, the update is that he was successful.

A woman is trying to help the homeless. It’s her mission.

Mills spends her days and nights collecting food, clothing, money and anything for those who don’t have a home. She knows that desperate feeling.

“Many, many years ago, due to some poor decisions, I myself was homeless,” says Mills. “And the nuns at St. Johns found me and took me in.”

Mills went on to become a nurse. Today, she carries on that same compassion she once received.

She has a great spirit. I was a board member of a homeless ministry. We tried to get it started but, you believe how hard it is just to get some food. The loops you have to jump through. Government has a lot of stuff you gotta go through. I don’t have a problem with that. But: easy to get a gun though…

This story is a little sad but I can’t pass up an opportunity to connect things to Jesus. A family dog named Nero saved his family from a house fire. But he died in the house.

On Nov. 24, Nero woke Maria Eliseo and her daughter Marie, who had been asleep in their Yorktown Heights home, so they could escape from the flames. “If it weren’t for Nero, I would not have gotten out in time,” Marie Eliseo said.

Well, a couple of things: That’s why I love dogs, man.

And, like I said, I have to bring Jesus into the story. We were supposed to burn. But, Jesus saved us and took the bullet. It’s not a perfect example but, if it weren’t for Jesus, we would be dead. That’s the point. Nero is a hero, and deserves respect. Doesn’t Jesus, who saved us all, deserve something?

Ah well, I think I’m going to go ahead and call it a day.



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