The Results are in: This Current Theme (Writr) Isn’t Working


Okay, well, based on the comments and the choices on the polls, this theme isn’t working out for most of you. For a lot of you, this theme is “blah”. There are a group of you that didn’t really see it as an improvement over my previous theme, but it’s not worse either.

I understand some people do value appearance. I value content. If the content is good, I can handle most themes. However, I don’t want this theme to be boring/bad for you. Therefore, I plan on changing the theme to another one; one that came in second during my final decision for the new theme.

However, hit the polls. Comment. If you like this theme, let me hear ya. The polls are in a three way tie. Go ahead and break it. If you don’t like this them, let me hear ya. I wanted to avoid major change to the blog for at least a few months and I would like to make a final decision. I am aware that I will not please everyone; but, like I said, it would appear most of you are not feeling this look.

I liked it. I thought is was simple. Easy to read on. Oh well. I plan on making the change on Sunday, so you got a few days to make the voice heard. Oh, and, here’s a site that uses the theme I used to have. My buddy runs that site. You can compare those, but, I don’t plan on going back to it.

Okay, you know what to do. Get at it!



3 thoughts on “The Results are in: This Current Theme (Writr) Isn’t Working

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